Why, hello! Thanks for stopping by Miss B’s Blog!

About me –

I’m a Midwest girl originally from Lawrence, KS (go Jayhawks!), but currently residing in Kansas City. I grew up around two very strong, high maintenance women, my sister and mom, who taught me to be myself, speak my mind, and never leave the house without nail polish.  I pretty much follow those rules daily (thank goodness for the invention of gel polish)!

“Be yourself – everyone else is taken.”

Miss B –

The blog name came from my family’s nickname for me, Miss B, along with my friends calling me Miss Becky (lord knows I’ve tried to stop that one). I also love that I share the initials MB with my two favorites – Mr. B and Michael Buble. 🙂

A few of my favorite things –

// cooking // karaoke // WINE // the bachelor franchise // my family //planning events // card games // rap music // bravotv // red velvet + funfetti // getting to know people // home goods // my girlfriends // sonic dr. pepper // the color pink // the golden girls // taylor swift // stalking // baking // cheese boards // hosting parties // online shopping // California // gold glitter // 80’s movies // 90’s music // anthro candles // workout classes // fall //