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Raspberry Prosecco Martini

I have to be honest, the picture of this drink is so sad and blurry. But, it’s real life people and this picture was taken at my BFF’s apartment in New York, after a long flight….so I had already eaten most of the cheese board that she had made and I think I was already on my second cocktail before I was like dang, this drink is good, I need to take a pic so I can post to the blog!

And why have I included a picture of my Halloween bar cart you ask (so random, right?!)? Because I love Halloween and I love my bar cart. And, since this is a drink recipe post, I thought why not. I’m thinking I should make the cocktail at home again so I can get a better picture though (or at least that’s what I’ll tell myself so I have an excuse to drink a stiff one on a Tuesday, ha!).  This drink is strong,  not overly sweet, and refreshing! yum!

Raspberry Prosecco Martini 

Recipe courtesy of Lurain Kimbell (also known as, Lauren Kimball)

Serving Size – 1 cocktail


5 raspberries, muddled & strained

2 oz. vodka (or 4 tablespoons)

1/2 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

1 tablespoon agave syrup (she got hers from Trader Joe’s)



  1. Muddle raspberries with a spoon until they are mushy and juicy
  2. Strain raspberries and set juice aside for cocktail (you can discard the seeds)
  3. In a mixer filled with ice, mix raspberry juice, vodka, lemon juice, & agave
  4. Serve over ice, top with prosecco, and enjoy!





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