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Scenes from the Weekend

I had full intentions of writing a long post on what I’ve been up to lately (since i’ve been a bit MIA around here) but to be honest, Nick and I just started watching the Affair (Season 3), and i’m pretty sucked in right now!!! So sucked in, that it’s taken be 45 minutes to write these two sentences, ha!

I could eat lunch (and dessert) and McLain’s every day. Their mountain munch cookie and chicken salad sandwich are SO good! Nick and I had a date night Saturday–drinks at the Parker (at the Fontaine Hotel), drinks at Classic Cup (the bruschetta was really good!), & dinner at Parkway Social (the jalepeno corn bread was to die for!).

We celebrated my BIL’s birthday on Sunday with burgers and fries at The Burger Stand and homemade root beer floats! We got the root beer from Mass Street Soda (in Lawrence) and I also found some elderflower and rose lemonade which I’m super excited to make cocktails with! I just cannot do root beer–I used to be obsessed but got the stomach flu at a slumber party after drinking copious amounts of it. And, unfortunately, have not been able to drink it since. My sister isn’t a fan either, so we made these cookies (beware they are so addicting):

Cowboy Cookies

Have a nice week!


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