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Peach Ice Cubes + Prosecco

Happy Friday, loves! We made it!!!! I don’t know why, but work weeks in the summer are extra long. Probably because I long for the days of being a kid with zero responsibilities and unlimited eating and pool time. I seriously can’t believe summer is coming to an end though. I live in a world where once August hits, summer is over. And then August becomes this weird time of hating the heat and longing for Fall but feeling like it’s too soon to bust out the pumpkin everything. Anyway, I feel like we’ve made the most of summer–BBQs, swimming, trips, drinking, lots of eating, & of course strawberry shortcake! We’ve got a few more things to check of the summer to do list but then I’ll be fully ready for FALL! WOOH!

By my standards, we still have five days of summer so why not make yourself a bubbly drink and soak up the last few moments of it! The best part about this recipe is, your drink is always cold because the ice cube takes forever to melt–which is amazing because nothing is worse than warm bubbly!

Peach Ice Cubes + Bubbly


4 peaches, peeled & pitted, cut into cubes

2 tablespoons white sugar (this isn’t an overly sugary drink so double sugar if you want super sweet)

1/2 cup water


Thyme, for garnish


  1. In a blender, puree peaches, white sugar, & water together
  2. Pour peach mixture in large ice cube trays (I used this square one)
  3. Freeze ice cubes over night
  4. When ready to serve, put ice cube in a large wine glass and top with prosecco and thyme

so easy! enjoy!

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