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Scenes from the weekend (Cookie Monster Birthday Party & Father’s Day!)

This past weekend we celebrated my stinker nephew, Henry’s, 2nd birthday. He is obsessed with cookie monster so it was no brainer when my sister and I started planning his party like 2 weeks ago (ha!), that CM would be the theme. All of the decor was found on etsy and amazon…well, because, we didn’t plan it that far in advance! And, I made a balloon banner–which I act like I’m a pro at now (blog post on how-to coming soon!). Not only was this party theme super cute, it was so easy to put together. The menu consisted of a variety of cookies (NYT best chocolate chip cookie, funfetti cookies, Eileen’s iced sugar cookies, & snickerdoodles), the best cookie monster cookie dough cake**, and milk. And, Nick and I, of course, dressed the part in our Elmo tank and Cookie Monster tank! Everyone had a good time and left in a sugar coma. Happy birthday, Onery!! We love you.

Sunday, we celebrated Father’s Day with my dad–swimming, pizza, and strawberry shortcake! We ended the day with dinner at my BIL & SIL’s house. My SIL is such a good cook and she made us a tasty summer dinner!

**I originally started icing this cake with a grass tip (Wilton tip #233) and learned VERY quickly that using that tip would take me all day and give me carpal tunnel, no doubt.  So, I switched to a wilton tip #2D, which made it SO much easier and still gave the crazy hair look. Nick did the eyes :). He took large marshmallows and adhered mini chocolate chips to them with frosting. I then crumbled up cookies to put around cookie’s mouth. VOILA!




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