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Scenes from the Weekend

Kicked off the weekend with making homemade pickles with my sister, dad, mom, and nephew. We used to visit my grandma every summer in Washington and one of my most distinct memories of those trips were watching her make dill pickles. I haven’t tried them yet but hoping they taste as good as hers! Seeing as we forgot a few of the ingredients and that we were all getting pretty tired  while making these (even though they are pretty easy), I won’t be surprised if they don’t turn out as well, ha! We basically threw a bunch of dill and garlic into a jar with pickling cucumbers and a white vinegar, salt, and water mixture and hoped for the best! I’ll report back how they turn out!

My mom threw a baby shower this weekend and I helped with the flowers. To make it easy, I went and bought drinking glasses from the dollar store and used those as vases. I bought all the hydrangeas from Trade Joe’s and because they’re so big and full, you couldn’t even tell they were drinking glasses! I clearly picked up a few peony bundles and put them in my favorite ginger jars. The jars take up almost my entire entry table but why would any piece of furniture ever be functional?! It’s clearly all about the decor and style.

We spent Friday night celebrating two good friends from high school 30th birthdays–how are we that old already?! It was so nice catching up with everyone.

Bright and early Saturday, I left on a road trip to Hermann, Missouri, for a winery bachelorette day for my friend, Lauren. We enjoyed a bridal shower at Stone Hill Winery (really liked their sparkling rosé, obvi) and spent the rest of the day drinking lots and lots of wine, dancing to Back Street Boys, and ended the night with Mexican food and tequila shots. Thank goodness I was in bed by 11pm or else who knows how I would have felt Sunday! I forgot how much I love road trips…mostly because of the fast food stops :). We stayed at Murphy’s B&B–it was so cute and would be the perfect spot for a couple to stay! We got a home cooked meal for breakfast and I don’t even like french toast but it was so good!

Sunday was shockingly productive (considering Saturday’s events)–Mr. B got a bath, manis and pedis with Christina (the bride-to-be in a WEEK!), barre class, juice at T.loft, walk with the dogs, and catching up on the Bachelorette!

Such a great weekend! Happy Tuesday! Only 2.5 more days of work for me and then….SANTA BARBARA!!!



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