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DIY Balloon Banner

You could say I’m on a bit of balloon banner kick right now. I think I’m way late to the game on this one (what’s new), but that’s beside the point. I’ve always thought these looked so cute so I decided to try it for the bridal shower I threw a few months ago. And then, I loved it so much that I had to make it for my nephew’s second birthday party, too! Once I discovered how easy (and CHEAP) this decor/project was, I’ve been searching for other reasons of why I can make one! The entire project from start to finish only took me about an hour to and hour and a half.

Pinky Bridal Shower

Supplies needed:

*Balloons (the number will depend on how big you want your banner to be–I used between 40-50 balloons in both of the ones shown above)

*Balloon Decorative Strip (aka your best friend)

*Lots of AIR in your lungs


*Blow up a crap ton of balloons in various sizes (it’s easier if you have someone to help but I’ve done it with and without help…and while drinking, so I think anyone can probably do it! :))

*Stick end of tied balloon into hole on strip–you can alternate colors if you want and I tried to alternate by size. I put a balloon in every single hole next to each other but you can space out if your balloons are larger. Keep putting balloon ends through hole until you have the banner to your desired length.


-I recommend leaving some extra of the balloon decorative strip on each side, that way, you can tape or pin that to the wall to hang

-I bought a low heat glue gun in case I needed to glue any balloons to each other after hanging, but I didn’t have to use it. To fill in gaps, I either stuffed the balloons in the gaps or you can use double sided tape to adhere (not necessary though).

I promise, you CANNOT mess this project up! If you don’t like the way an area looks, adjust balloons or add more!

Good luck, my friends!

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