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Scenes from the Weekend (late!)

What a weekend! Between four work outs in a row (I may keel over on the Health House rower at some point soon), endless yard work (can I just say that I hate yard work!!!), and lots of eating/drinking, this little pig is EXHAUSTED! Thank goodness it’s Wednesday–wow, I love three day weekends!

Our KC drinking Passport came on Thursday–what a way to start the weekend! Even though we didn’t make it to any places this weekend, we are going to try to hit a few this week.

We tried Brookside Barrio on Friday night and it definitely lived up to it’s hype! We loved the chips & guac and the skinny marg was YUM! Saturday, I spent the day strawberry picking (@ Wohletz Farm) with my babe nephew (wearing my fav Adidas dress ). He was the CUTEST with his little gingham print jumper that kept unbuttoning because it was a little too small (I FEEL YA, HENRY!). Of course I had to make @ Half Baked Harvest strawberry cobbler with cream cheese biscuits. I have to admit that my sister was right: cooked strawberries are not my jam (no pun intended). The biscuits were amazeballs but they def needed a cold, sweetened strawberry and a side of vanilla ice cream. Next time, I’ll just do biscuits and not cook the strawberries.

We got breakfast at one of my favorite spots, McLain’s. Unfortunately, I am becoming quite addicted to their avocado toast. And then the remainder of the weekend was spent doing yard work–can I mention again that I hate yard work (cut to me panicking over a splinter). Let me be very clear, I love being outside. I don’t mind hard work (including manual labor). And, I appreciate a lovely looking exterior (outside that is :)). However, I did not inherit my green thumb from either of my parents AND I am OCD so spending a bunch of time outdoors and it still feeling dirty to me drives me crazy! Ended the weekend with a bang with a BBQ and frosé (half a bottle of rosé, ¼ cup lemon juice, ¼ cup vodka, 2 cups frozen strawberries, ice).

Hope you all had a great weekend! And, on a positive note, only three more days until the weekend! 


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