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Scenes from the Weekend (& a surprise birthday party!)

wowy wow wow….what a weekend! What I thought was going to be a pretty laid back few days doing house work and organization turned into an eventful weekend with surprise parties, dinners, and lots of cake (pink one from McLain’s and the funfetti one my SIL made!)!

I think everyone who knows me well can say that surprising me is a very hard thing to do–mainly because I’m nosy but also because I’m such a planner! All week, Nick had been so insistent on going to a winery on Saturday even though I kept telling him it was going to be super rainy. I started to grow a little suspicious because when does Nick ever plan anything that far in advance?! ha! However, he somehow pulled off making me believe we were just meeting my sister and brother-in-law there. Boy was I surprised when I saw the spread and everyone who had showed up to celebrate. Not only do I love days spent at the winery (we went to Blue Jacket in Eudora this time!), it was so sweet of Nick, my family, & BFFs to plan such a sweet surprise for me!!! The balloons, cake, food spread, & decor was so cute and normally being the party planner myself, it’s always nice to show up to a party that you didn’t have to plan!! We spent the day eating and drinking lots of wine with friends–my favorite things in life! And note to self: always blow dry and style your hair around your birthday because you never know when someone is going to throw a surprise party for you! ha! I’ll remember for my 30th…kidding, kidding!

We were a tiny bit productive on Saturday morning and bought plants for our front step. We went to Family Tree Nursery, which had a huge selection! We still need to pot them but they already look so good. Nick and I did two Health House classes and almost died. And, as a late Mother’s Day celebration, my sister, mom, and I went to see the movie Book Club. Omg, was it cute! I laughed a ton and a cried a little, too. I loved it! And holy cow does Jane Fonda look good! That woman must live in an anti-aging bubble. I made this raspberry poke cake for my mom because she’s always asking for a white wedding cake with raspberry filling. While I didn’t try this one, she seemed to love it! As always, Nick’s critique was that it needs to be cooked less next time. Thank goodness I have such honest taste tester :).

What a great weekend and way to start off my last year (almost) in my 20s! So thankful for special weekends like this!



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