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Summer Bucket List

Summa summa summa timeeeeeeee! It’s the best time of the year…I think I actually say that about every season except winter (with the exception of Christmas)! Nice weather and so much to get done!

Photos by: Brandon & Megan Cusick (check out her blog)

Summer Bucket List

  • Try golf
    • I haven’t played since high school and I’m sure I’ll be terrible but it seems like a fun activity. Or do I really just want to ride around in a  golf cart and drink? Either way, FUN!
  • Summer Passport
    • Nick and I just bought these drink passports! 2 for 1 drinks at a ton of cool, local places. I can’t wait try new places and well, drink :)! ha!
  • Visit wineries in area
    • I’m sensing a drinking theme here…I can already check this one off of the list because we went for my early birthday celebration. But, I can’t wait to go again and just relax. My favorite wineries in the KC/Lawrence area: Somerset, Blue Jacket, KC Wineco.
  • Strawberry picking
  • Yoga in the park
    • I love yoga and doing it outside–so relaxing!
  • Cook once a week from a cookbook
    • My cookbooks sit on the shelf and collect dust so I’m making a vow to cook from one, once a week. Can’t wait to share the recipes!
  • Play tennis
    • Nick and I take this pretty seriously and we are willing to take on doubles opponents whenever! 🙂
  • Make homemade ice cream
    • I never did this growing up but Nick’s family did and I love the tradition!
  • Walk to the movies
    • We live super close to the cutest movie theater and I think it would be fun to walk there on a Sunday afternoon and then mosey on home after.
  • Make frosé
    • Duh!
  • Backyard projects
    • We’ve got some big ideas for our backyard and I’m hoping we can tackle a few this summer.
  • Have a picnic with friends (Molly & Meg)
    • I can check this one off the list..but wait, I totally want to do another! Items needed for a perfect picnic: sparkling rosé (Mumm Napa), fresh strawberries, a baguette, & cheese (love Boursin Garlic & Herb and honey–so good!). Oh, and you of course need a cute picnic blanket. I snagged the checkered one on amazon for a whopping $16.
  • Make a summer playlist
    • I used to be the queen of making playlists for every occasion…or should I say mix CDs (old school!). My BFF made one for our Mexico trip and I forgot how much I love a new playlist. My favorite summer playlists consist of multiple genres but they all have a similar theme–upbeat, fun, and something you can sing or dance to! Some summertime favorites: Tightrope, Lovely Day, Nice for What, Son’s Gonna Rise, All Summer Long, Beast of Burden, Still Not a Player, Bennie and the Jets (2018 remix).
  • Try new workouts
    • I’m a regular at Power Life Yoga but Nick and I recently joined Health House to switch it up a bit. While it’s still nice out and not deathly hot, I also want to try to get a few workouts in outside, too! Summer is a great time to try different workouts and really kick it into high gear after a winter and spring of hibernation and eating. ha!
  • Walk the dogs
    • I love our fur babies so much and with winter and spring being so cold and long, we didn’t walk them as much as we should have. With the nice weather back,  there are no excuses! Mr. B also told me he wants to be in the best shape of his life by Fall so I’m trying to honor his wishes.
  • Make homemade pickles
    • My grandma on my dad’s side always used to make homemade pickles in the summer and I have such fond memories of eating those salty pickles at her house. I recently got her recipe and I want to make with my family!


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