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It’s a . . . (sister’s gender reveal)


If I could throw a gender reveal party every week I would! They are SO much fun. People are always so jazzed about babies and then add the surprise factor of the gender–so great! My sister, Jenna, and BIL already have a  little boy, Henry (Onery), who they (and everyone else) absolutely adores. But, I think Jenna was hoping for a little girl so she could have one of each sex. To be honest, I think we were all hoping for a little girl to dress up and spoil. But as luck would have it, Jenna is meant to breed the cutest little boys (sorry, Jenna! ha!). Trust me, this doesn’t mean I’ll love my nephew any less–I seriously cannot wait to see Henry and him interact and grow up together. I have no doubt that Henry will boss baby #2 (aka little brother) around just like Jenna did to me :)!

I initially had planned to reveal the gender with a bath bomb (drop it in water and the water changes the color blue or pink) but leave it to me to not read directions (shocker) and it said you needed to do it in a 12 oz glass of water. Well, when I tested the pink one prior to the reveal, I didn’t feel like it gave a big enough shock factor. So, at 9:30pm the night before the reveal, Nick and I went to Target to come up with a different plan. Side note–I’m so worried about our kid’s future because the two of us are the biggest procrastinators (i.e., start reading the book for the book report the night before it’s due). Anyway, I don’t give Nick enough credit–he can be so creative sometimes. He thought of the idea to clean an egg out and fill it with glitter. Not only was it so cute (and MESSY, oops!), it fit with the brunch theme. Please comment if you’d like a tutorial from Nick on the egg craft, ha! Poor Henry got glitter in his eye so luckily everyone’s attention was diverted to that vs. all of us crying that it wasn’t a girl (KIDDING!).

I’m so excited for this little babe to come and I can’t wait to squeeze him and give him kisses!


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