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Hi loves!

I know you guys have all been wondering where I’ve been…okay, okay for the most of you that haven’t (ha!), I’ve been absent from the blog for a little bit. The reason being (without getting into the gross nitty gritty of my illness(es)), I.WAS.SICK. I normally run myself ragged trying to work through being sick but this time I just let my body be sick and just rested, including multiple naps a day (treat yourself!).

Somehow over the past few weeks I ended up still eating a lot (shocker) and having a bachelor finale party. The two part finale hot mess could be a whole blog post in itself, but i’m still recovering so I’ll let that be it.

I am slightly obsessed with McClain’s avocado toastThe trio of fried food at BRGR never disappointsFirst timer for brunch at Merchants in Lawrence – I’m excited to try again when I’m feeling better. I wish I could say that 3 of those 4 plates weren’t mine but I’d be lying. This picture cracks me up because if you look closely, you can see George and me….and Mr. b! H with his pupsSometimes I see pictures of things, like this veggie display below (that I originally saw on Pinterest), and I’m like oh my gosh, so simple but it makes it look so much fancier.I’ve had my eye on a bunch of different felt boards for awhile and finally bought this one from Amazon. It’s funny how I go back and forth on a $20 purchase for weeks but made the decision on my custom couch in like 5 minutes. Who knows?!Have a great week and if nothing else, WASH YOUR HANDS! 🙂



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