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Scenes from the Weekend

Eating and drinking and more eating…that’s about how it goes on the weekends.

Friday, we were supposed to have friends over but they unfortunately got sick so we ended up celebrating my SIL’s birthday instead! I made fajitas, salsa, guac, & margaritas (recipe coming this week!).  Oh, and of course a texas sheet cake for dessert. I have made this sheet cake recipe dozens of times and I love it–as does everyone else who has it!

Saturday was perfect. It was cold and dreary out so I worked out and spent the rest of the day watching the second Fifty Shades of Grey movie and like 10 episodes of Grace & Frankie. I hardly ever let myself do nothing for an entire day but it felt so good! We went with friends to dinner at Urban Table. I hadn’t been there since they changed their dinner menu to Italian. I loved the appetizers that we got (monkey bread, fried burrata, and brussel sprouts). I ordered the pappardelle pasta–it was pretty good but definitely preferred the apps!

Sunday was spent working (and more Grace & Frankie…I have like 2 episodes left :(!). And the weekend ended with Chinese food and going to see the last 50 Shades of Grey movie.  While this wasn’t my favorite out of the three (which is odd because the third book was my favorite!), I obviously still loved it. How could you not?! Jamie Dornan is so unbelievably attractive (sorry, Nick!). There were a few cheesy scenes (Nick would argue it’s all cheesy) that had the whole theater laughing but overall it was pretty good!

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