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Scenes from the Weekend

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet…mainly because it’s Monday night and I’m just now doing the weekend recap but also because my eyes are literally shutting as we speak!

Nick was at the Super Bowl all weekend so I spent most of my time at my parent’s house. Although I hate when Nick travels for that long (or sometimes I’m like get out of the house…now!), I love getting to spend uninterrupted time with my fam. Plus, my mom loves it when I come home and always says, “it’s your weekend, we can do whatever you want!” There is something so nice (and exhausting) about just being home. I say that as I remember setting up Hulu on every TV in the house, helping my dad find his keys, etc.

My mom and I watched Grace and Frankie episodes–which is hysterical! Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda are EVERYTHING. Even though I’m not a 70 year-old woman, I find myself laughing out loud at them! I’m mid way through season three and I can’t get enough! We watched It Takes Two–what a throw back! We caught a glimpse while it was on at the nail salon and my mom wanted to see the rest, ha! It’s on Hulu, by the way!

I went to one of my best friend’s house for a Super Bowl watch party and the food was so good! I’ll be sharing recipes soon of some of the things I made. I loved JT. I 100% thought N’Sync was going to come so that was a little anticlimactic. Nick had one task (from me) at the SB and it was to take one good video of JT performing….I’ve yet to see it. He’s glued to his phone but can’t seem to take videos or pictures ever (total opposite of me, clearly!).

It’s sad how exciting this Meyer’s cleaning product shipment was for me! I love all of their stuff! My favorite (non-seasonal) scents are honeysuckle and geranium! Breakfast at a Lawrence staple, Wheatfields. I didn’t eat any of the cinnamon roll (shocking!) but my sister and nephew definitely did! 🙂

MB got a hair cut this weekend and he was not feeling the short cut with the snow…nor was I! I’m so ready for Spring.

I made cookies, a chocolate chip bundt cake, and mac & cheese for the Super bowl (recipes coming soon). Other food items at the party – cheese breadsticks (two kinds!), buffalo chicken dip, cream cheese dip, & chili. I woke up full today, which rarely ever happens! ha! Oh, and sparkling rosé. Because how/why could/would you watch football without it?!

Stay warm and have a great week!






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