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LA Weekend

Hi lovers!

I went to California over the weekend and met Nick at the end of one of his work trips. I love California–the sunshine, rooftops, beach, celebrities, and in-n-out are just a few of my favorites. When Nick and I were doing long distance when we were dating, we both were traveling for work and would meet in LA to see each other. We always had the best time together there and I look back on those mini “vacations” so fondly. Being able to go back there was so nice. Sometimes the hustle and bustle of life gets crazy and I loved getting to spend quality time with him…even if he was on the phone for work SO much of the time (thus, why I’m able to get away with taking so many pictures!!!). It reminded me how funny, sweet, and cute he is…not that i don’t always think that but the California sun makes everything look better! ha!

We stayed at the LINE hotel in LA. It was a very cool, hip hotel. The rooms were small but very functional and it it felt new and clean. Our view was pretty great, too. We looked on to the Hollywood sign. My only complaint was that it was very loud at night (cue the old lady). We could hear every single thing from the street. Thankfully, I always pack my ear plugs! The lobby turns into a club/lounge at night and I had way too much fun people watching.

We had breakfast at Blu Jam café – they are known for their french toast. Nick is a french toast connoisseur and he called this one “fresh & tasty”. He loved the actual french toast (it’s coated in corn flakes!) but he wanted syrup vs. the vanilla dipping sauce they gave. I had a breakfast sandwich that was amazing. Their potatoes are perfection!

While Nick is away, Becca will play! Nick had work stuff on Saturday, so I hit the pool and the Commissary bar/restaurant (Greenhouse on the terrace of the LINE hotel next to the pool) for bottomless mimosas, laying out, reading, and shrimp tacos. It’s a pretty sweet spot to check out if you’re in LA and the food is great!

Saturday night consisted of face masks, HGTV, and a hotel robe and slippers. I really can’t say I’ve done that, well ever, and it was quite amazing. This mask is one of my absolute favorites! It is worth every penny. And these collagen eye pads are great.

Sunday we went to Laguna Beach – my favorite beach in California! We had drinks and snacks at the Deck rooftop bar and took a nap on the beach. Go to the Deck if you’re in the area–amazing views and great drinks (the red and white sangria are amazing!).

I forgot to mention that I packed terribly for this trip. For some reason I thought I would either need 1) work out clothes (didn’t work out once while there) 2) going out clothes (why did I need 3 pairs of heels for 3 nights, that never got worn, by the way) 3) a swimsuit (for 60 degree weather). Needless to say, I ended up having to wear my workout clothes most of the trip because I didn’t have anything else! oops!

Sunday night we had dinner at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant, Villa Blanca. Nick is SUCH a good sport when he travels with me. He literally takes me anywhere my little piggy, reality show stalking self wants to go. This wasn’t our first time here (last time we sat next to Liza Minnelli!). We initially went because of my housewife obsession but we’ve gone back because I really do enjoy the vibe, food, and drinks. I love their pasta with bacon and peas.

We ended the night at Nick’s favorite, Salt & Straw (he first became obsessed in Portland), which just so happens to be across the street from Lisa Vanderpump’s PUMP. Again, this was a coincidence, I swear.

Monday we hiked at Runyon Canyon. It’s a pain in the ass to find parking but worth it for the view! I wish I could hike here every week! Some of the parts of the hike are pretty steep and at points I legit felt like we were on a team building exercise. I couldn’t tell if Nick was more embarrassed by my lack of coordination or if he really was trying to coach me through it! ha! I gave myself an A for effort considering I was 100% better than the last time we hiked there!

I had wanted to go to the Griddle Cafe for pancakes but the line was crazy so we ended up at Scrumptious Bakery & Café. The coffee cake was to die for and the omelette was tasty. Nick said the french toast was “light and sweet”. I love that he thinks french toast is light. ha!

I ended the trip like any good person should at In-N-Out–a cheeseburger (animal style) and well done fries. Why I’ve never gotten the fries well done before is beyond me. It’s like getting the crunchy, tasty fries at the bottom of the bag. I’ve always complained about their fries but the well done with salt added is pretty great. I did a poll on instagram and was shocked how many people prefer it to Shake Shack. I’m still a Shake Shack lover all the way. But you can have many fast food burger loves, right?!

The views on the flight back home were unreal. I snapped like 20 pictures.

Until next time, Cali! I heart you!




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