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Gallery Wall

*DONT BE OFFENDED IF A PICTURE OF YOU IS NOT ON THE WALL. IF YOU DIDN’T MAKE IT, TAKE A PRETTY PICTURE WITH ME ON A NICE CAMERA  IN NATURAL LIGHT AND YOU’RE GUARANTEED TO GET UP THERE :). (in all seriousness, picking out these pictures was so difficult and I realized that my blurry iPhone pictures just don’t blow up well. Plus, I need more pictures in sunlight!!!!)

I’m getting right to the point with this one. This gallery wall has been a pain in the ass. We moved into our house  6 months ago and although I know this isn’t our forever home, I have and will continue to be super picky about how I decorate / what I put on the walls. 1) I get panicked that this isn’t a rental anymore and I should probably think more than 30 seconds about the decor I buy and 2) I did not want to put a bunch of holes in the wall for a gallery wall I was going to end up hating. Thank goodness I thought of #2 when I first set out on the gallery wall adventure.

I’m pretty sure Nick wanted to kill me after this whole ordeal because of the following:

I bought these white Ikea frames and we mounted them using double sided tape. The tape worked perfectly and obviously we didn’t have to put any holes in the wall which was great. After we hung it, I just wasn’t loving it but I couldn’t really put my finger on why and there was no way I telling Nick that I didn’t like it (after he was so meticulous putting it up). Cut to 2 months later, when I discovered that the frames weren’t real wood (why I would have thought cheap, Ikea frames were solid wood is crazy now looking back) and that the white part of the frame was literally sticky paper that had started to peel off. At first I was like, mother fhajshdlkfjhsdljfhsljdhf. But then, I was kind of happy that this gave me a legit opportunity to have Nick take down the whole gallery wall and re-do it. ha! The tape came off perfectly.

I decided to switch it up and go with gold frames from Wayfair. Full disclosure, when these arrived the first time, almost all of them were broken…which left me feeling like this wall was never going to go up. The woman from customer service was so helpful though and they shipped me new ones the next day and had packed them so much better. Although I’m still trying to throw away the 12 large broken frames that they sent, you really can’t beat this price. Unfortunately the back of the frame wasn’t wide enough to use the double sided tape so we did have to put holes in the wall. On the bright side, I love it (thank GOODNESS). I realized that since our walls are white, the white frames just blended in too much.

I ordered my pictures through MPIX and they shipped so quickly.  I’ve also done Walgreens and used one of their super discount codes.

We measured out how we wanted to lay out the frames (we did 1 inch in between each) and traced each one to ensure we hung it perfectly.

Thank you, Nicholas, for putting up with with me on this one! I’m so glad it’s up and we can move on to our next house project.

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