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Baby Blue Baby Shower

Hi baby loves!

Throwing my sister a baby shower for her little baby boy, Henry (who is over a year and a half now!!!!), was one of the most special parties that I’ve thrown. It’s crazy looking back on this shower because I loved him so much then and he wasn’t even born. Cut to almost 2 years later, and he’s the little love of my life (after Mr. B, of course).

My sister had a pretty rough pregnancy and was sick for most of it. When she could eat, she loved cheese sandwiches and chips. When planning the menu, I knew we had to stick with the pregnant lady’s favorites!



Sangria & flavored water (in these drink dispensers…the only ones that don’t leak for me!!!!)

Drinks Drinks Drinks Sign (I designed on Canva)


Baby Baby Cocktail Napkins

Baby Bottles


Build your own sandwich bar

Pasta salad

Greens Salad

Spinach Artichoke Cups


Brie bites


I spray painted these animals gold to hold the food labels


Chocolate chip cookies

Ombré funfetti cake

Chocolate cupcakes

Rice Krispie treats

Cinnamon rolls


Popcorn (I added these stickers)


Decorate a onesie (using these iron on animals)


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