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Build Your Own Chili Bar

So don’t kill me, but chili has never seemed very exciting to me. I think the main reason being that growing up I didn’t like corn bread (whaaaattttt?!). And, clearly, chili and cornbread go hand in hand. It’s probably beneficial for everyone (mainly my thighs) that I didn’t discover my love of corn bread until a few years ago. And then when you add some bomb toppings to the chili, you’ve really sold me!

This spread was so easy to put together but it makes it look like you’ve put forth a lot of effort. This would be perfect for a Super Bowl watch party! The best part is, you can prep all the toppings beforehand and store in the fridge. I put the toppings in these anthro bowls and these mini clear bowls. I think Nick always questions all of my trinkets in our kitchen cabinets but both of these bowls get a lot of love!!

Topping ideas:


*Green onion


*Onion (I used red)



*Cheese (I always shred my own–it has so much more flavor!)

*Tortilla chips

*Sour cream or plain greek yogurt

I didn’t add these but crumbled bacon would have been great or cornbread croutons!

If you need a great white chicken chili recipe, this one is amazing!

White Chicken Chili

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