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The Engagement!

This post has been a long time coming…seeing as it happened over 3 months ago! I think I’m finally out of the crazy engagement frenzy/wedding planning mode that I can really reflect back on all of the moments of the special day! I apologize ahead of time for all of the random side notes…

To make a long story short (well, as short as I can make it :)), I had plans to meet one of my best friends, Christina, in downtown Lawrence (Nick and my hometown) to go shopping and to dinner. I had an inkling that this might be the day of the proposal so I spent extra long getting ready…like do my hair and put on Sally Hansen leg tanner ready. So naturally, I show up 30+ minutes late to meet her, which clearly stressed everyone out (#imsorry). As we are walking downtown, she told me that she needed to stop by the Downtown Barber Shop to get a liter of shampoo. Right before we were about to walk in, I noticed the hours of the Barber Shop on the window and checked my watch to see that it was past closing time. I told  Christina we shouldn’t go in but she insisted that it was okay…that’s when I knew something was up. Christina is always so sweet and laid back. I could never see her pushing her way into a closed store! As soon as we walked in though, Nick swiveled around in one of the barber shop chairs with a huge smile on his face (plus shaking hands). At this point, Nick was still living in Portland, OR so I was just excited so excited to see him! Little did I know, that the engagement would be the smaller surprise of the night. More on that later…

Christina went outside to take pictures (thank you!) and Nick sat me down and told me the sweetest story – he had met my mom and dad almost 11 years ago for the first time at the Downtown Barber Shop (it also happened to be a place that Nick frequented almost every 3 weeks on the dot when he lived in Lawrence for a haircut) before we had even started dating. My parents came home and raved for hours about a guy named, Nick, that I just had to date. They went on about how sweet he was and how he would be such a good guy for me to be with. It was only a few months after that meeting that we officially started dating. I had obviously heard this story before, but it was so sweet hearing it in his own words.

IMG_0265The story behind the cupcake is 1) I’m a diva (no, really) and insisted on a pink velvet ring box. I know, I cringe writing it. 2) Nick and my sister looked endlessly for this pink velvet ring box that I wanted and couldn’t find it anywhere 3) Nick knows my love for cupcakes and the color pink so he did a little crafting at Hobby Lobby to make this cupcake box. I could not have been any more perfect or more me. IMG_3400 IMG_0272

After the engagement, Nick and I went to a few of our favorite restaurants in Lawrence to get drinks. At the end of our little bar crawl, Nick went to get the car to take us home. He had said he was driving my dad’s car around while getting ready for the engagement (again, in my mind, he had flown to Kansas from Portland for the engagement). He honks the horn of the car and as I turn around I see his car. I was dumbfounded. Why was his car in Kansas? While talking through tears, I come to find out Nick had accepted a job in Kansas City and he had packed up all of his stuff and drove across the country to move home…before the engagement. That stinker.

I am one of the nosiest people ever and getting surprises past me is pretty much impossible (thus, me spray tanning my legs before going shopping). Him moving home was a total surprise and it honestly made me day/week/month/year. Having him home with me was the best gift I could have ever gotten!


Meanwhile, my and Nick’s friends and family were putting on the most special, beautiful, thought out engagement party for us in my parent’s backyard. Everyone put so much thought, time, and planning into this amazing celebration and we so appreciated it. My poor sister wore herself out planning a party that would meet my standards. They far exceeded my expectations and I was truly blown away. Becca_Nick_engagement-8871 The food spread was unreal – Morningstar’s Pizza (Nick’s fav), mini spinach artichoke cups, Caesar salad, Eileen’s sugar cookies, mini fruit pizzas, veggies and garlic ranch…I want to eat it all right now.Becca_Nick_engagement-8873 IMG_0310 IMG_0314 IMG_0315 IMG_0319

When I saw all of the pink/gold/white detail I was in love. Plus, seeing an entire ice bucket full of sparkling pink moscato…my night was made.  IMG_0307

My family – I asked my sister if I could borrow her cute pink dress for the night! It fit so well with the theme of the night!  IMG_3315

This picture is one of my favorite from the night. My dear friend, Kristen, who drove that day from Minnesota to come to the engagement. And then there is Kelsey on facetime in the background. She lives in Denver and had to work and was so sad she couldn’t make it. Until I saw this picture, I had no recollection of facetiming with her! ha! Sorry, Kels!IMG_3320The ring inside the cupcake. I seriously want this cupcake on display in my house!  IMG_3349

My sister…she went out with a bang with this party. Thank goodness it was such a hit because I don’t think she’ll be throwing another party for awhile. 🙂 IMG_3316 Becca_Nick_engagement-8878 Becca_Nick_engagement-8892 Becca_Nick_engagement-8935 IMG_0428 Becca_Nick_engagement-8933 IMG_0462

Looking back at all of the details — the love balloons, beautiful hyrdrangeas (from Nick’s Dad and stepmom’s garden!), lanterns, signs, pictures. It was seriously like a mini wedding.  IMG_0467 IMG_0548

At some point during the night, I went to change into a white dress (that I had brought of course…cue the diva). It was literally 100 degrees out that day and half of the party ended up jumping in the pool (thanks Don and Gordo for starting the trend). Nothing says classy like a newly engaged woman in her wet, white, see-through dress. :0  IMG_3321 IMG_3346IMG_0530

Thanks to everyone who made this night absolutely perfect…you all know who you are! We love and appreciate you so much! And thank you to everyone else for the congratulations – I’m sorry it’s only 3 months late ! 🙂

If I can make some time to blog again, I’ll start sharing more details about the wedding planning process! Talk soon!

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