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Scenes From the Weekend

I’m not going to lie, this weekend was a whole lot of eating and a whole lot of TV…and I loved it. I spent most of the weekend in Lawrence and I was so excited to go to all of my favorite food places. Oh, and see my family and friends. But food first, duh.

My friend, Kelsey, was in town from Denver this weekend so a few of us decided to all get together in Lawrence. I’ve been dying to try Limestone Pizza for seriously a year now and I finally got to go. We ordered fries, almonds, and arancini balls as an appetizer and then we tried a few of their pizzas. It was all so delicious! This place is always packed so I knew it would be tasty.
IMG_5793I was calling myself Jenny from the block all night due to the hooded jean jacket I was wearing. I love channeling my inner JLO. We all went out after dinner and danced the night away. I’ll spare you all of the juicy pictures. 😉
IMG_5795After a long night out on Friday, I was in need of my favorite salad from my favorite restaurant, Free State Brewery. That ramekin in the lower right hand corner is filled with THE best ranch dressing. I could eat it with a spoon (no shame here).

I went to Hobby Lobby to pick up a few things for a fun DYI project I’m working on (i’ll share soon) and somehow stumbled upon the discounted Christmas decor. I need like all of those gold sparkly trees for my mantle right now. If I come home with any more holiday decor Nick may submit my name to hoarders, so I had to refrain.
IMG_5854I went to Encore for dinner (literally the best Chinese place EVER) and ate my little heart out. The sesame chicken is so crispy and fresh and tastes exactly the same the next day (and I normally hate leftovers).

After dinner, I watched a marathon of OITNB season 3 episodes. That show is so dark/weird/funny/intriguing. I find myself cringing at so many moments but I’m sucked in still. Does anyone else feel this way?!


So I’m keeping it REALLY real with you all with this next picture. Hello, no makeup, lopsided frizzy bun. But this is what most Sunday’s look like for me. On a side note-how sad is it that it looks and feels like it’s November/December…and it’s the first weekend of October (insert crying face). MB was not prepared for the cold weather so clearly I needed to carry him like a kangaroo mama. IMG_5873

Like I didn’t get enough TV in already, we laid on the couch all night, ate pizza hut and watched Scandal/How To Get Away With Murder/Quantico/Blacklist. Yep, 4 shows in a row. This cool weather makes me want to go into full on nesting mode.

Whenever I see the actress Liza Weil, I can’t not think about her as Paris from Gilmore Girls. Right?!IMG_5879

Hope you all survive Monday! I, myself, find it a personal victory on Monday night that I made it through! Plus, it’s this guys 4th birthday so we’ve got doggie dishes and sonic blasts in our future. Ah, so much to look forward to!


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