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Scenes from the Weekend

I really really tried to have this post up for Monday but my iPhoto would NOT download my pictures. It turns out that  when you have 1000+ videos from the Taylor Swift concert that you’re trying to upload, your computer will spaz out. I had to upload the images in increments of 10, you can imagine how long that took. But here we are on Tuesday and I’ve finally got my stuff together (typical).

Friday night, my old roomie, Lauren, came over and we made dinner. As always, you have to have food to snack on while you cook (and sip wine) – cheese, pepperoni, pretzel crisps, hummus, carrots, and my favorite garlic pita chips (Athenos brand).

                                               {Plate from TJ Maxx and bowls from West Elm}
IMG_5526We made one of my tried and true recipes: Skinnytaste Chicken Parm. The dish is so easy and so tasty (and healthyish). Lauren has been getting meals from Blue Apron (what a cool idea) so we made the gnocchi and mushrooms in a brown butter sauce for a side. YUM!

After dinner we went a saw The Intern. I would highly recommend seeing it! It was an unconventional romantic comedy that had me smiling throughout the entire thing. Anne Hathaway seriously gets on my nerves but she was strangely likable in this movie!
IMG_5536Saturday was spent decorating and gallivanting around the Plaza Art Fair. IMG_5551It was seriously perfect outside and the $5 wine was flowing. 🙂
IMG_5568All nights should end with a big plate of pasta and glass of wine. 

IMG_5577I found this fringe kimono at TJ Maxx for $15. This one is so pretty too, though!
IMG_5595 IMG_5601I dragged Nick to go apple picking on Sunday (no, but really, I had to force him into the car). Like  I knew he would, he had a great time. More details on the experience later this week!
IMG_5666Sunday dinner was chicken pot pie on top of biscuits. My friend, kelsey, introduced me to this recipe and it’s definitely a keeper. The pot pie is so creamy, hearty, and delicious. It tastes and smells like Thanksgiving.


I didn’t quite plan that the end of September would still be HOT as f so we ate the pot pie outside. I like to pretend that I live in Cali where weather like this is normal for fall. IMG_5699

Hey, guess what? It’s Tuesday! Thank goodness Monday is behind us. Have a wonderful day!

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 9.42.13 PM

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