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I’m Back!

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Did you miss me?! (insert Kristen Bell’s gossip girl voice)

Last year, I started a blog called Everything That Sparkles (ETS) with one of my best friends, Molly. We had both been wanting to blog in our spare time and we figured it would be more fun to do together. I loved doing it with her because we were both so laid back when it came to our blog (shocking, because I’m not really laid back about much :)). It also gave us an excuse to hang out more – wine night and blogging? Duh. As much as we loved ETS, after a year of blogging together we decided to create our own blogs (see Molly’s here)!

I’m super energized and excited to be blogging again so I can share all of the recipes / parties / decorating / travel /and life shenanigans with you all.

Thanks for stopping by – go check out the About page to read more about Miss B and look forward to more posts coming soon!

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