Why, hello! Thanks for stopping by Miss B’s Blog!

About me –

I’m a Midwest girl originally from Lawrence, KS (go Jayhawks!), but currently residing in Kansas City. I grew up around two very strong, high maintenance women, my sister and mom, who taught me to be myself, speak my mind, and never leave the house without nail polish.  I pretty much follow those rules daily (thank goodness for the invention of gel polish)!

“Be yourself – everyone else is taken.”

I have a Master’s in Accounting and worked for three years at a large public accounting firm (what was I thinking?!) before I started my job at Hallmark. Now I get to work for a company who creates and produces greeting cards for all occasions – so much more fun! 

The crew –

(photo source – The Grays Photography)

Nick and I got married last September and time has been flying by since then!  We dated for 12 years before getting married–either I’m super patient or Nick is slow (I’m betting on the latter :)). We packed our first year of marriage with a lot – travel abroad and domestically (I think we ended with going to 12 states together in the last 12 months!). We bought a house and have been renovating it for the past few months–redoing a house will really test your marriage! ha! 



We have two dogs, George and Mr. B. Well let me re-phrase, Nick has George and I have Mr. B–if you met the two of them, this would be evident. George is a silly golden doodle with the cutest, most irresistible face. Mr. B is a three-legged rescue pommy/poo/mutt who is attached to my hip. I joke with Nick that Mr. B is my soul mate (but maybe I’m not joking? #dogmomprobs). We are currently working on our blended family. 🙂

Miss B –

The blog name came from my family’s nickname for me, Miss B, along with my friends calling me Miss Becky (lord knows I’ve tried to stop that one). I also love that I share the initials MB with my two favorites – Mr. B and Michael Buble. 🙂

A few of my favorite things –

// cooking // karaoke // WINE // the bachelor franchise // my family //planning events // card games // rap music // bravotv // red velvet + funfetti // getting to know people // home goods // my girlfriends // sonic dr. pepper // the color pink // the golden girls // taylor swift // stalking // baking // cheese boards // hosting parties // online shopping // California // gold glitter // 80’s movies // 90’s music // anthro candles // workout classes // fall //